Gear Highlights — January 11, 2024
Rider Picks: Max Tokunaga
Max Tokunaga
Seattle, Washington
Stance Width:
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12º & 0º

Gear Highlights is a series where we ask snowboarders to share their favorite gear selections from boards to outerwear.

Ukiyo Owner Board, Size 151

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Board: Ukiyo Owner Board

“Literally, the term ukiyo means ‘Floating World.’" Okay, so how cool is that. I’m not too sure of the origins of Ukiyo Snowboards, but I have some assumptions. There’s a little correlation to people and things if going detective mode online, which is so fun. Many questions to ask, many sorta “rumors” to spread when people look at the board and say, “Hey, what is that?” The consistent answer is, “Japanese snowboard.” Ah I love the brand’s “mystery aspect” just as much as I love riding the board. And the graphic sells itself, my gosh. It’s so good! Purple base is absolutely popping, black & white of some grapes, yeah. That’s the stuff right there. A jib board! I’m sure it can handle the whole mountain and whatever you toss at it. I have had nothing short of a good time while riding this thing (even when taking slams on it). Thank you Ukiyo.

Vans Hi Country & Hell Bound, Size 9

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Boots: Vans Hi Country & Hell Bound

One boot to do it all, the Vans Hi Country & Hell Bound with the stamp of approval from Sam Taxwood. Fearless and equipped with whatever the streets, backcountry, on piste, off piste, rain, snow, ice and even aprés scenes have in store for you, this boot is ready for anything. Insert your foot, adjust the linear to a comfortable spot, lace up, zip up, tighten the power strap, and click in. Enjoy the comforts of Vans waffle cup technology on the soles of your feet. Since Nineteen freaking sixty six!

Salomon District Pro Team Bindings

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Bindings: Salomon District Pro Team

A world I am discovering for the first time, the everso discussed by cult followers, Salomon’s Shadow Fit binding technology. A feature of the District Pro! A snug fit, going to be transparent here, that allows you to have a unique relationship with your boot to snowboard feel. On the first go, the response is incredible! Lock in and load up into a turn, okay nice. Pop an ollie and press on a jib, loving that. Just enough squeak when you tweak a grab, these are cool. And a popping colorway to bring some spark to your setup, I’m sold! Welcoming myself to the Shadow Fit cult, you have a new member present and ready to rip up the slopes.

Yaak Goggles, Size OS

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Goggles: Yaak Goggles

Yaak Optics, say it…. “Yaak.” It makes you think…. What would it be like to snowboard in Yaaks? Now we got you. Slide your eyes into the world of Yaak that you could only imagine of before. Take a run down your favorite run with a new view on the mountain, approach a jib in comfort and clarity knowing that you look awesome from the bridge of your nose to the middle of your forehead. Coming in all sorts of cool colors, my daily driver is the black. Black frame with a black strap, can’t go wrong with these. Multiple lenses to dial your sights in to maximize your view of what’s in front of you. Alight, one more time in unison…. “Yaak.”

Crab Grab Cinch Glove

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Gloves: Crab Grab Cinch Glove

It’s like a mitt for each of your fingers, let ‘em breathe! Wiggle them around in the Crab Grab Cinch Glove. Share a high five with a homie or a shaka from a distance, gloves are my new jam. Not reinventing the wheel here, just a reminder of how good it feels to run a glove over a mitt. Nothing against a mitt, just giving my fingers a shot at expressing themselves. Crab Grab has made these an easy selection, clean all black colorway with a wrist leash, grippy palm textures, and simple tightening technology with the cinch adjuster. Use by putting your wrist into the leash, slide your hand in, get the fingers home, tighten the wrist, adjust the cinch, and badabing badaboom, your doing it! Mmm mm, it feels good to be here.

Nomadik 777 Pant

Bottom Outerwear: Nomadik 777 Pant

The perfect pant doesn’t ex….. Psych! Get your hands on the Nomadik 777 Pant for a fit that’ll turn heads and cargo pants to allow you to roll with whatever you need. With enough water proofing to get you through a PNW pow day or a sloppy day at a spring street session, these pants have been there for me. An adjustable waist and scrunch cuff at the bottom are the highlighted features of these pants. Function meets fashion. Feel good, look good. Toss all the possible taglines at these, we have a winner with the 777 pant. 

Bruhlers Cuff Beanie, Size OS

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Hat: Bruhlers Cuff Beanie

Ah ha, another fun one. Say it, “bruhlers.” The Cuff Beanie. Cool colors going on here, Caleb really knows how to make that piping pop with his two-tone headwear masterpieces. The rippers of Utah and worldwide run Bruhlers, so why wouldn’t you? Catch yourself in a Good Zone™ wearing one of these. Powder, street, land bolts and ride away clean type of vibe, all while looking dope! Grab a Bruhlers, you won’t regret it. 

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