Started by a group of long-time friends who met through snowboarding, Soy Sauce Nation is a community highlighting Asian-American and other historically underrepresented groups with a goal of bringing people of all identities together through a mutual love of snow and skate culture.

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Soy Sauce Nation's Stir-Fry Nation

March 27 & 28, 2024 at Boreal Mountain
Gear Highlights

Rider Picks: Nirvana Ortanez

Nirvana's favorite gear selects from Autumn Headwear to Libtech
Gear Highlights

Rider Picks: Max Tokunaga

Max's favorite gear selects from Japanese brands like Nomadik and Ukiyo
Gear Highlights

Rider Picks: AK

AK's favorite gear selects including Vintage Ronin Jackets and Crab Grab Gloves